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Lavender No! by Becca-chan873
Lavender No!
Ah that story that keeps coming back with a new rendition which kinda causes me to redesign the characters and have their personalities readjusted every time. I swear I'm gonna die writing this. Lavender here is trying to bribe someone for something or other.
I think I should explain my inactivity for the past few months. It's not just because I'm being lazy. One of the reasons was college, I need to study. The other is chemotherapy. It's a long story I don't really want to talk about it I had to withdraw for a semester because of it. On the bright side, I'm almost done with the treatments. I should be heading back to school in the fall. That's always good, its no fun being sick.

Anyways uh ... Pokemon?
Stolen from megpie252

1) What was your first Pokemon game?

2) Can you remember who your starter was?

3) Did you ever complete the Pokedex in any games?
No but I try.

4) Did you watch the Pokemon anime?
Yep, whenever I can.

5) Do you still watch the anime?
I stopped watching it for a while because of Ash's new voice but I sometimes watch the new ones because of competent Team Rocket.

6) What's your favourite Pokemon type? Explain.
Psychic or dark because those types have some cool designs and I like some of the attacks.

7) Who's your favorite Pokemon? Explain.
Eevee by a long shot. It's so cute and it can evolve to fit your battling needs and you also have the option of keeping it the way it is. Hell you can probably take on the whole game with just a team of eeveelutions.

8) Pokemon do you dislike the most? Explain.
Basculin they're everywhere and useless. I swear they're more common than zubat in a cave! What's worse is that they don't evolve into something cool and the forms don't do anything!

9) Which is your favourite region? Explain.
Hoenn I guess, I did start with that region and it did have that nifty dive mechanic. Also that region contains my favorite arc in the pokemon adventures manga and my favorite dex holder too. Though unfortunately it also contains my least favorite arc and dex holder.

10) Which is your favorite Pokemon series (ie, Kanto 1-151, Johto 152-251)
Unova despite having that damn fish and some others I don't like.

11) Can you say a series Pokedex, without a Pokedex?
No but I can try.

12) Do you know all the type advantages, disadvantages and all the super-effective moves?
I guess ... though I can tell you for specific types.

13) Did you prefer Pokemon before the new ones, or after?
I don't really have a preference. Never have and never will.

14) Have you got an Original Character who is a trainer?

15) Have you ever written a fanfiction story about Pokemon?
Yes it's a crack fic.

16) Was the OC based on yourself?

17) Who is your favourite gym leader?
Blaine due to possible involvement with Mewtwo, His gym challenge is a quiz, he looks pimpin' in Heart gold and Soul silver, and he maintains a gym in a cave.

18) What about Elite Four trainer?
If you want to count champions then I guess either Steven or Cynthia because I had fun fighting those two. If not then ... Shauntal?

18.5) Favorite frontier brain?
Noland because of the manga even though I hate that arc.

19) If you lived in the Pokemon world, who would your starter be?
Torchic. Hey, you'll eventually get one badass chicken.

20) Which city would you live in before you started your journey? Why?
Sootopolis city because you're living in a crater. Plus it feels mysterious because the entrance is underwater.

21) Would you travel just in the one region, or spread to other places?
I'd probably want to travel all over the place because well there's a lot to do.

22) Would you train just one type, or different ones?
Probably different types though I might have a preference for fast pokemon that can hit hard, having a good defense would be good bonus.

23) What kind of Poke-Person would you be? Trainer? Breeder? Gym leader? Coordinator?
Good question, maybe a breeder or a coordinator.

24) Would you collect gym badges? Or keep Pokemon as pets?
Badges then pets.

25) Who is your ultimate two-on-two team?
Espeon and Volcarona. Espeon to set up lightscreens and Volcarona to beat the crap out of opponents. Plus I happen to like those two.

26) Which game was your favorite?
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